I’m a nature informed and inspired brand strategist and marketer who uses life itself to deliver beautiful, effective work. My speciality is helping companies build brands that support all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

You can find out more about me below and check out my podcast about the relationship between people, planet and the food we eat – You Can’t Eat Money.

Since starting my career in 2007, I’ve worked with a wide variety of employers and brands. After spending the first 10 years of my career on the brand side in in-house marketing, digital and innovation roles, I pivoted to the agency world where I have spent the last seven years as a strategist across brand and experience.

Most of my strategy and innovation projects are under non-disclosure agreements, but here are a few of my favorites to give you an idea of what I’ve worked on:

  • Helping IKEA envision a new future of membership and customer engagement in alignment with its changing business needs including aiming to become a fully circular company by 2030.
  • Creating a brand universe and go to market strategy for Bacardi’s Tequila Cazadores that resulted in double-digit sales growth.
  • Reframing the opportunity for Barclays Pride sponsorship to help senior leaders rethink LGBTQ+ engagement with a powerful multi-year strategy that could allow the brand regain its leadership position in the financial services sector. Actual client feedback: “groundbreaking,” “f*cking amazing.”
  • Created a brand from scratch in three weeks for a nearly 200 year old UK interiors company that launched shortly after in a pop-up at Selfridges.

Outside of my paid clients, I’ve also served as a mentor for UK clean energy startups with Unreasonable, been a judge for the Eurobest Young Creatives awards and provided more than $24k worth of strategy and marketing services pro-bono to environmental and conservation non-profits through Patagonia Action Works (some of which you can see listed here).



Saatchi & Saatchi



Virtue (Vice Media)



American Express


STA Travel



Ben & Jerry’s











Homeless World Cup

Wild Orca

Slide Ranch

Carbon Literacy Project

Cornwall Seal Research Group Trust

Our Climate Education Fund

How I Can Help

Brand Strategy

From creating the foundations (purpose, values, proposition, etc.) of a completely new brand to refreshing a legendary one, I’ve spent the last seven years working with marketing, non-profit and business executives to develop and deliver brands that matter. I can find the sweet spot between why an organization exists and how it meets the needs of the communities it serves.

Marketing Strategy

I have more than 10 years of experience running marketing teams in both the for profit and non profit sectors, as well as building long-term communications tools and campaigns for brands on the agency side. From a multi-channel strategy to individual channel efforts, I can help craft marketing and communications efforts that will resonate with your target audience.

Business Transformation and Innovation

I’ve been a key contributor to digital development, global innovation and brand transformation teams, as well as developed membership, rewards and subscription products from scratch. I can help you identify and take advantage of an opportunity in the market to better connect with your audience.

Nature-Centered Strategy

I believe that the best brands follow a set of principles that mimic those of the environment they exist in. As Darwin actually said, it is survival of those that are the best fit. Using life principles, we can define a nature-centered strategy for your business that helps you fit into the lives of your stakeholders.

Occasionally, I have some ideas to share and some kind folks have provided space for me to do so.

The Future of Creativity Is Found in Nature

For Cannes Lions Live 2020, I convened an amazing panel around the practice of biomimicry. My fellow panelists included Caroline Till, Mira Kaddoura, and Heather Pieske who all shared examples from the creative and business worlds that weren’t just inspired but informed by nature.

Love the Work

In a Fast World, We Need More Slow Brands

Inspired by the Slow Food Movement, Campaign let me share three very high level design principles for what it would look like to create restorative brands that our future demands. I also got to share my love of sloths.


Biomimicry Institute: Creating Restorative Brands

One of my core beliefs as a brand strategist and marketer is that brands must act as symbiotic with the culture they exist in. Just as in nature, a member of an ecosystem co-creates that space with the other members, therefore brands need to give as much as they take


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